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Secret Valley and Venue Ros Golf Club

Getting to Cyprus


The flight time from the UK to Cyprus is approximately 4 hours 30 minutes.

Villa Panorama is 15km from Paphos Airport and 120km from Larnaca Airport.

It is worth checking out the following operators websites:



or ring Themis at Cyplon Travel 0208 348 9142



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Secret Valley and Venue Ros Golf Club

Driving in Cyprus

In Cyprus, you drive on the left as in the UK and car hire is readily available at the airports.


It is possible to cross over into Nothern Cyprus, you will need to check the current regulations but please ensure you take your passport. For more details, go to


You may rent a car in the South and cross over to the North. On the other hand, when you rent a car in the North, you are not allowed to cross over the south. Only personally owned cars can cross over to the South - i.e. not a rental car. For your convenience there are rental agencies near the crossing points so you may rent a car once you cross over. However, please note that insurance purchased from one side is not applicable to the other and you will need to purchase insurance if you plan to drive on the other side.



The following suppliers offer car hire in Cyprus:

Holiday Autos

Auto Europe

Easy Car

Cyprus Car

Rhino car hire


Secret Valley and Venue Ros Golf Club

Turtle Beach

The sight of newly-hatched sea turtles scrabbling out of their sandy nest chambers on North Cyprus beaches and scuttling towards to the open sea is a joy to watch.

Secret Valley and Venue Ros Golf Club